The Win-Win of Workplace  Well-being Programs

The Win-Win of Workplace Well-being Programs

Well-being in the workplace is more important than ever. Even prior to the pandemic, a crisis was looming within company walls both in the U.S. and around the world. According to recent Gallup Poll research, almost 65% of Americans and 80% of people worldwide are emotionally disengaged at work.

When you add the collective trauma brought on by COVID-19 to those statistics, per the National Institute of Mental Health, there’s been a significant rise  in mental health issues like depression nationwide. Some issues were brought on by the pandemic, others were compounded by it, leaving 53.5% of Americans  unhappy in their lives and uncertain about their future.

There’s a reason why these numbers and news reports about the “Great Resignation” – a trend that’s been rocking the corporate world for some time – are worrisome.

If employees are unhappy and unfulfilled, they can’t produce the results a company needs to succeed.

However, your company can play an active and critical role in turning the tide on employee morale and job satisfaction. How? By investing in a program that supports your employees’ overall well-being.

Diagnosing Job Disengagement

Keeping your company healthy and prospering means ensuring your employees are as well. The success of both are intricately linked. Declining productivity, a rising number of sick days, and employee attrition are all symptoms that something ails your staff.

Common reasons for a lack of engagement are burnout, an absence of professional growth opportunities, and a missing sense of connection between employees and their work. Mix in the ongoing stressors of daily life, pandemic fatigue and isolation, and any chronic physical and emotional health challenges and you have a team in need of triage.

The truth is, your employees likely recognize something is wrong. They may be searching for answers, but don’t know where to find them. They may be too embarrassed to ask for, or admit they need, help. And the cost in time, energy, and money in seeking support on their own is often a concern.

Including a well-being program in your benefits package can make all the difference. By providing accessible solutions to address your employees’ struggles, you’ll be strengthening the health of your company as a whole.

Why Well-being Programs are the Remedy

Study after study shows the powerfully positive impact well-being programs have on boosting employees’ engagement while lifting their spirits. The results speak for themselves in the form of:

  • Increased productivity, retention and recruitment:Well-being programs encourage employees to take better care of themselves. This, in turn, helps them show up for work with more focus, drive, and optimism. Plus, employees want to continue working at a company they believe cares about them, and it’s a big perk in attracting talent too.
  • Less absenteeism and lowered health care costs:Like the age-old adage says, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” Well-being programs assist employees in managing their current physical, mental, and emotional challenges, while reducing the risk of issues either appearing or recurring in the future.
  • Greater confidence, connection, and communication:When employees feel more content and fulfilled, they’re able to find more meaning in their work. This boost in morale leads to being more resourceful, creative, and collaborative, which results in an elevated work environment for everyone.

In a nutshell, well-being programs help your employees feel better and find clarity about who they are and what they bring to the table. They enable every member of your team to become more engaged, feel valued, and experience a greater sense of purpose

The Well-being Solution that Works Wonders

The key to reaping all these well-being rewards is investing in a comprehensive program, one that’s holistic in nature. More often than not, if an employee is struggling in one area of life, it causes a ripple effect and impacts other areas. Unhappiness at work can extend beyond working hours, affect relationships, and diminish the capacity for self-care.

The best well-being program takes into account the whole person, not just a specific problem. It offers a tailored solution to meet each individual’s needs. It assists your employees in rediscovering their strengths while also developing new ones. And it creates a bridge between self-care and carving out a gratifying career path.

These elements are exactly what make our WHENness Programs so unique and special, and why we’re so proud of the outcomes we help our clients achieve. In addition to receiving a significant ROI, companies partnering with WHEN experience 70% employee engagement and 94% member satisfaction.

WHEN well-being programs provide one-on-one personalized guidance, uncovering and filling in the gaps in every area where energy, contentment, and meaning are missing. We offer real tools for managing stress and anxiety, and show your employees ways to tap into the strategies that will bring them – and your company – greater joy and success.

Your company wins WHEN your employees win. Supporting their desire to lead happier, healthier lives is a tangible demonstration that you value each person on your team and opens more opportunities for everyone to contribute to the company’s goals.

Through well-being, your employees are able to unleash their inner potential and take your company’s potential to new heights in the process.

To learn more about all your company can gain by investing in an employee well-being program that works, contact WHEN at (855) 943-WHEN, or email us at

Danielle Lescure
WHEN Contributing Well-Being Writer

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