Corporate Wellness Programs That Work

WHEN offers innovative programs for employee career, well-being and health that are more effective and flexible than traditional corporate wellness programs. These unique online WHENness Programs provide one-on-one advisory solutions that can improve employees’ overall productivity, happiness and health, while also improving the company’s ROI. Our programs are designed to educate companies on where they’ll receive the greatest return, increase career productivity, lower employee absenteeism, improve employee retention and lower overall health care costs.

WHEN® For Your Employees

Oftentimes people look for solutions without knowing what they truly need, or how to reach their goals.
WHEN was created to offer the professional guidance and knowledge you need to make your life better. WHEN delivers one-on-one guidance that helps you uncover the root issue and discover the unique capabilities you already possess to solve it. Tapping into your inner strengths is what makes WHEN programs so extraordinarily powerful. With professional assistance from a WHEN Advisor®, you can create and stay on the right path to accomplish your vision and achieve a better life.

WHEN Partners

Tailored Solutions Create Improved Outcomes

Unlike costly and ineffective population health management programs, WHEN programs are uniquely tailored to deliver measurable results at every level of the process and help each employee

Professional Advisors Empower Positive Change

When Advisors have years of experience, certifications, and degrees that align with the professional services they provide to our members. They are easily accessible through our web-based platform wherever it’s convenient so members can achieve the positive changes they need for a better life.

Personalized Member Services

With help from their WHEN Advisors, employees can more easily understand and overcome bad habits while receiving the guidance and support needed to make sure they stay on the right paths and achieve their goals. Personal sessions are conducted on our proprietary web-based platform. This platform provides flexibility, delivers personalization and privacy and makes it easy for every member to connect with their WHEN Advisors anytime, anywhere.

We Offer Three Ways To Help Your Employees



Greater Success and Satisfaction

WHEN aligns with Companies to help their employees work through corporate and business challenges, become more productive, happier at their job and reach higher career goals.




Finding Fulfillment and Focus

WHEN works with employees to help them achieve a better work-life balance, become more positive, explore and change habits, as well as realize their potential and overall satisfaction with life.




Feeling and Living Better

WHEN helps companies and organizations create a healthier workforce. Our holistic solutions improve organizational culture, employee health and productivity as well as aid in minimizing healthcare costs long-term.


WHEN® Your Next Meeting Matters…

Transform your next corporate well-being event, conference, or employee meeting into a memorable and productive experience for all!