Find Your When® (FYW®) Member Code of Ethics

As a member of WHEN® Enterprises Corporation (hereinafter and doing business as Find Your When®, Inc., “FYW®“), I have chosen to receive advising and/or guidance services from an organization that encourages personal responsibility. To this end, I agree to abide by the FYW Code of Ethics.

  • I will abide by this Member CODE OF ETHICS and by the TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF USE and the PRIVACY POLICY that follows.
  • I will accurately represent myself and all information relating to me as an individual to allow for direct, effective and meaningful communication between myself, my WHEN Advisor®, and all FYW staff.
  • I will abide by the FYW “mutual respect” philosophy, treating my WHEN Advisor (‘Advisor’), all FYW staff and fellow members with courtesy and professionalism. To this end, I will not, through my language or tone, (whether in person, via the telephone or any online interactions) disrespect, threaten, harass, ridicule or disparage any member of the FYW staff or fellow FYW members. Such prohibited communications include, but are not limited to, sexually-charged material or statements that endorse or promote discriminatory stereotypes or advocate or discuss illegal activity.
  • I will abide by all applicable laws, regulations, and rules governing the use and dissemination of copyrighted or trademarked material.
  • I will not post, send, transmit, upload or otherwise publish any materials that contain a virus or any other harmful component or interrupt or attempt to interrupt the operation of FYW in any way.
  • I will be available for my individual one-on-one sessions to the best of my ability, and, be prompt and prepared for all scheduled meetings and sessions. To the extent possible, I will give my Advisor 24-hour notice if I am unable to keep a previously scheduled appointment. I will also respond to my Advisor’s inquiries regarding my availability for appointments as soon as possible and no later than within 7 days. I recognize that if I do not respond within that time frame, FYW may need to place me on a waiting list for continuing advising/guidance at a later date. I recognize that if I miss 3 scheduled appointments with my Advisor, my eligibility to continue in the FYW Program may be jeopardized.
  • I will not disclose my FYW password or identification number to another individual so as to assist or enable that individual to use FYW member-restricted services. I understand that my FYW member status is non-transferable and that I am the only person authorized to receive FYW Services under my name. If asked, I will be prepared to provide my Date of Birth (DOB) to my Advisor at the start of each advising session.
  • I am responsible for my own success, including my personal development, my achievement of goals, and my access to new opportunities. While Advisors and staff seek to help me in a proactive way with my optimal individual and development growth, neither FYW nor its staff can guarantee, warrant or ensure that I will successfully obtain a particular milestone, a set goal, or achieve a specific objective.
  • I understand that the focus of the FYW Program is not to provide therapy or mental health counseling, and we do not assess or treat clinical issues. If any such issues arise in the context of our advising or guidance session, or if a member’s situation suggests a clear or imminent danger to self or others, the Advisor will take the necessary steps to protect all parties involved including the member. Also, in such cases where the Advisor feels it is beneficial, member will be advised to seek an appropriate referral source.
  • I understand that in order to ensure quality advising and guidance and enhance supervision of advisor-member communication, Advisors may record or monitor sessions. This procedure will allow both Advisor and Supervisor to review Advisor behavior and techniques with a view towards rendering the best possible services to our clientele. All advising records including interview information, phone, and online interactions will be kept in confidence within the professional staff.
  • I understand that the FYW Program will include a specific amount of time devoted to the interaction between Advisor and member. If I feel that I need additional advising or guidance after the completion of this time, I understand that I may request additional time for a fee.
  • I subscribe to the above FYW Code of Ethics and I acknowledge and agree that my continued participation is contingent upon adherence to all of the above rules and any subsequent amendments thereto.