WHEN® Your Next Meeting Matters…

Transform your next corporate well-being event, conference, or employee meeting into a memorable and productive experience for all!

Now, you can schedule nationally recognized inspirational speaker Randy Miller to meet your guests, employees or team and address the issues that matter to them, including:

  • Avoiding Burnout
  • Achieving Better Work / Life Balance
  • Setting Up a Well Workplace
  • Productivity in the Workplace
  • Overcoming Procrastination
  • Setting Personal Priorities
  • Creating New – and Healthy – Habits
  • Goalsetting and Following Through – Career Growth
  • Teamwork and Healthy Relationships at Work
  • What is Well-Being and how does it differ from Wellness?
  • OPEN Q/A sessions to cover all employee questions.

Randy Miller, our Chief WHEN Officer, is a dynamic speaker with a passion for – and history of – inspiring change and making lives better.

Rather than presenting TED Talks or hosting small webinars, he’s focused on visiting businesses, corporations, organizations, and schools to share successful career-enhancing productivity and well-being tools.

He would rather plan a personal visit at your next Company Town Hall Meeting or live event – to generate enthusiasm and interact personally!

His presentations have a track record of improving employees’ lives while aiding with retention and reducing employee turnover.

WHEN you plan new Well-being, Wellness or Career-enhancing activities for your conference or team meeting, Randy is direct, inspiring, and has a 25-year history of making lives better.

He’s a serial self-help authority leading a WHEN revolution. Finding recent Gallup poll figures showing that two-thirds of American employees feel unhappy and unproductive at their jobs to be unacceptable – Randy is helping people at the workplace learn to thrive through their own well-being.

Let’s do this! WHEN Is Now®.

Full-day and half-day interactive sessions can be scheduled. Single 60 or 90-minute presentation options are also available. Cost information available upon request.

Have a topic you need to address with your workforce? Let us know, and we can tailor a presentation to your situation.

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