Career Counseling Executive Benefits from Career Counseling

Career Counseling Executive Benefits from Career Counseling

When Silvia Hernandes decided to leave her full-time career to start her own company after 20 years in the human resources field, she learned that career counseling could be of great value – even to someone providing career counseling services.

 Today, Silvia is the CEO of Lean Human Resources Partners, a Scottsdale-based firm that helps companies find and hire talent, provides career coaching services to individual employees and serves as a consultancy to small businesses.

 Being unafraid of change but being unsure about embarking on the journey of being a business owner, she was concerned that the magnitude of change in being a business owner could be overwhelming. But as a career advisor, she knew that coaching could help her overcome her lack of direction and put a plan forward. So, she engaged in the WHEN Career Program.

 The following are Silvia’s words about her experience…

I wholeheartedly recognize the value of implementing a career counseling initiative for employees, and I actively advocate for companies to include career counseling and well-being services in their benefits package.

My conviction stems from my personal experience with the WHEN Career Program.

The profound insight I gained from the program revolves around re-examining the trajectory of my career. Transitioning from the corporate sphere, I found myself adrift and hesitant about the future and the path ahead, which created apprehension and concerns.

However, embarking on the WHEN Program journey, guided by my WHEN Advisor, prompted a profound shift. Through incisive questioning, I gained clarity about my options, equipping me with invaluable tools to navigate pivotal career decisions.

Today, I apply this methodology to every significant juncture in my professional life, recognizing the power of discerning questions in charting a purposeful course forward.

The WHEN Program’s adaptability, customization and guidance, condensed into four succinct 30-minute sessions, underscore its efficacy. Tailoring outcomes to individual needs renders the program exceptionally valuable, accommodating diverse circumstances and challenges.

Everyone, regardless of their career stage or life phase, can benefit from the WHEN Program’s transformative approach. Whether a recent graduate navigating uncharted job market terrain or a seasoned executive grappling with unexpected career shifts, the program offers indispensable guidance to align aspirations with actions.

Ultimately, the program instills a profound sense of empowerment, nudging participants toward informed decisions and decisive action. Embracing the WHEN Program not only catalyzed my personal journey but also enhanced my professional practice, fueling my unwavering endorsement of its efficacy.

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