How WHEN helped a teacher transform overwhelm into profound personal growth

How WHEN helped a teacher transform overwhelm into profound personal growth

“I look forward to my calls with WHEN every week…I feel better; I feel lighter. I decided that I was worth it, and I needed to do this for myself. It’s been an amazing journey. I’m kind of passionate about it!”
– Ellen Beydler, Elementary School Teacher

THE PROBLEM: Pandemic-induced anxiety with no strategy for relief

“I’m very self-sufficient and probably too proud to ask for help most of the time. Anxiety was new for me. I didn’t really have the resources to keep it in check.”

A dedicated teacher of 29 years in a small, Arizona copper mining town, Ellen has lifelong ties to local families having educated multiple generations in her classroom. She finds the bonds formed with her students and the positive impact she has on young lives to be enormously gratifying.

But the pandemic’s arrival threw her school routine and normally bubbly temperament into turmoil. She worried about her vulnerable mother, struggled with the constraints of online teaching, and grappled with concerns over her own safety.

Ellen grew despondent and short-tempered. She realized the stress was becoming harder to manage on her own. Though typically very private with her feelings, she began thinking about seeking outside help. Unfortunately, she had no idea where to find it.

Then, she learned one of the copper mines was generously extending one series of four Find Your WHEN well-being program sessions to every teacher in the school district. Cautious but curious, she decided to take a chance and scheduled an appointment with a WHEN Being Advisor.

THE SOLUTION: Tools to minimize stress and a path to greater physical and emotional health

The morning of Ellen’s first WHEN session, a troubling event sent her spiraling through a whirlwind of emotions. When she finally connected with her WHEN Being Advisor, she said, “I was sobbing because I was so cracked open. That experience made me realize how much I need this.” Ellen and her WHEN Being Advisor quickly clicked as they worked through the situation together.

From there, they began addressing Ellen’s initial goal of handling her anxiety and regaining a sense of joy and positivity. She was given guidance on breathing, meditation techniques, and strategies for processing her feelings and releasing self-judgment.

Ellen noticed a dramatic shift in her state of mind during those early sessions. She realized WHEN was the missing key she needed to unlock even bigger well-being goals, specifically her battle with weight.

Signing up for additional sessions on her own, she combined her WHEN Being Advisor calls with an intensive weight loss program. She follows the diet protocols as her WHEN Being Advisor counsels her on ways to maintain focus and momentum, recognize emotional triggers, practice mindful eating, and find balance while being kind to herself on difficult days.

“I want to feel good…that sparkle in your eye, that smile on your face, the healthy skin, that radiance is what I want to accomplish. I think that’s as much through my work with WHEN as it is through my eating and my diet choices. I can’t separate them now – they just go together.”

THE TRANSFORMATION: Greater peace of mind, growing confidence, and renewed self-worth

What began as a desire to ease her anxiety blossomed into a whole new way of being for Ellen. Working alongside her WHEN Being Advisor, she’s been able to shed physical weight as well as emotional pressures and expectations.

In just five months, she lost 69 pounds. As she grows closer to her weight loss goal, she’s equally excited knowing she has the tools to sustain all her hard work. More importantly, she’s gained a new love and appreciation for herself and her body.

Along with lower stress levels, she now sets stronger boundaries for herself. Previously “the fixer” who tried to solve every problem at school, she’s now able to assess what is hers to do and let go of what isn’t.

With each session, she continues to free herself from self-judgment and embrace self-compassion. She prioritizes self-care, making choices from a place of inner purpose and meaning rather than just to please others.

Each call with her WHEN Being Advisor leads to new discoveries, and Ellen’s goals are evolving along with her personal growth. Grateful for the copper mine’s considerate gift of her introductory sessions, she happily maintains her ongoing WHEN membership knowing it’s an investment in herself — and that she’s worth it.

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