Why Connection to a Company Mission Powers Your Career

Why Connection to a Company Mission Powers Your Career

Connection is vital for your mental health. Being around people you can laugh and cry with, seek advice and comfort from, and count on for help is key in keeping loneliness, anxiety, and depression at bay.

But having a support system and active social circle is only one piece of the connection pie. Being connected to a greater purpose through your work is also an essential factor in your overall well-being.

A recent McKinsey Organizational Purpose Survey found that “contributing to society and creating meaningful work” are top priorities for people in the workplace. Employees want to know that what they’re doing at their desk makes a difference and improves lives in some way.

Why does this connection to a bigger mission bring greater meaning to your work and sense of self-worth? And how can that connection be strengthened?

Connection to a mission fuels job satisfaction

These days, consumers aren’t the only people paying close attention to a company’s impact on their community—employees are too. A paycheck can cover the bills but it’s no substitute for a sense of purpose. If you believe in your company’s mission, that’s good. But if you’re aware of your part in accomplishing that mission, your commitment and fulfillment levels soar to new heights.

WHEN you understand how your work fits into the bigger picture and feel like a valued member of a team, you reap benefits both inside and outside office walls.

  • You forge stronger work relationships.
  • You’re more energized, inspired, and creative.
  • Your self-esteem increases, which means you show up for your family, your friends, and yourself from a healthier, happier place.

Think about it: If you’ve ever worked with a group of people on a singular goal, wasn’t the taste of success that much sweeter because you got there together? Didn’t you feel more invested, enthusiastic, and confident?

The same is true when your daily work role is linked to a broader goal. Knowing you play a part in providing a helpful product or service to others has a positive emotional payoff, keeping you engaged in the work you do.

Plus, WHEN you’re plugged into that greater purpose, your company wins too:

  • Productivity, morale, and retention rates rise.
  • Customer service improves.
  • Collaboration and idea generation grows.

Creating your personal connection to the company mission

Though some organizations nurture the employee-mission connection, for the most part establishing that link will be up to you. How can you align yourself with the objectives of a company? That depends on where you are along your career path.

If you’re job hunting, enlist your core values and look for companies attuned to your passions. Seek out positions that put your skills to good use and stretch you in ways you’d like to grow. In interviews, ask how they promote connection throughout the company.

If you’re currently an employee, look for opportunities to steer internal conversations toward ways you can boost engagement and connection with your employer. Bring the subject up in team meetings, ask for perspective from your mentors, and get guidance during your performance reviews. You’re likely not the only one seeking those answers!

Steps to building a stronger company-wide connection

Want to cultivate a deeper relationship to company goals where you work? These are a few simple ways to begin getting people all aboard the mission bandwagon and fostering a more cooperative and connected environment:

  • Create a culture of appreciation and recognition. We all want to know our efforts aren’t being overlooked or taken for granted. Acknowledging people’s accomplishments is an easy way to let them know they’re seen and supported. And appreciation not only makes everyone feel good, it tends to be contagious!
  • Encourage brainstorming as a team. When specific goals need to be set, bring the department together to work out the details. People enjoy putting their expertise to work to hatch a plan, taking on roles that suit their strengths, and seeing how their contribution factors into a successful outcome.
  • Seek out feedback. Whether through meetings or employee engagement surveys, giving everyone a voice in what is and isn’t working lets them feel included in the larger conversation and empowered to offer innovative suggestions.

Ask yourself: WHEN could you acknowledge others, encourage teamwork, and offer feedback? No matter what your role, you have a positive connection contribution to make.

WHEN your connection to the greater mission is sewn into the fabric of your role at a company, you feel like a perfectly placed puzzle piece completing a beautiful picture. That sense of connection motivates you and everyone around you to achieve your professional objectives while helping your company achieve theirs.

Danielle Lescure
WHEN Contributing Well-Being Writer

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