WHEN and DC FRAY Press Release

Phoenix, AZ (October 18, 2018) – WHEN® Enterprises Corp, an Arizona-based company, www.findyourwhen.com,  providing powerful one -on- one advisory and guidance programs to help improve all aspects of an individual’s health, wellness, and personal development, has added the FRAY Team, https://dcfray.com/mission/ ,to its growing client list. WHEN will provide Fray staff with wellness and well-being services under their Power of WHEN® BEING Discipline.

WHEN® offers partnering wellness solutions that corporations, associations and individuals are participating in. WHEN combines mindful methodology with advanced technology to deliver online advising and one-on-one guidance from a professionally trained WHEN Advisor®. In full support of FRAY’s mission ‘to make fun possible’ and “that play has the power to transform lives, build communities, and create positive impact in the world”. WHEN has a mobile Member Portal (“MyWHEN® Dashboard”) for hosting these partner FRAY Programs, providing results, data, and full partner support. FRAY licenses the Programs from WHEN and makes them available to their employees.

“WHEN was a simple one-source solution for our internal employee coaching program.  Employees are assigned their own WHEN Advisor, with total privacy and security of their conversations, thus making the employees more comfortable to participate. Employees have access to the online portal of tools for an entire year! We were able to start the WHEN Being program without any effort on our part as the WHEN team was a plug and play solution making it so easy for us to implement overnight.  A really meaningful program to take care of our employees well-being.” Says Kristen Sargent, Director of Strategy and Growth, DC Fray

“We are thrilled and honored to be working with FRAY in helping them to provide their employees with the absolute best individual Well-Being and Wellness programs to fuel their ongoing and future success. We know how important it is for the FRAY culture to take the extra steps to help their staff achieve the kind of health, happiness, satisfaction, career success, and personal fulfillment that they are searching for in their life. On behalf of WHEN and our partnership culture, we are excited that our partner programs can deliver these results and fit with their ‘finding the play in each day’, said Randy Miller, Founder & CWO of WHEN Enterprises.

“By partnering with an organization like WHEN we can help provide our team members with the tools they need to focus on their passions and personal goals. Who wouldn’t want someone to help guide them on their self-development? As a fast-growing company, the only way we can keep up is if our people grow even faster.” says, Robert Kinsler, Founder & CEO, DC FRAY”

 About WHEN® Enterprises

WHEN® Enterprises provides people the professional guidance and knowledge they need to improve their lives.  WHEN® combines mindful methodology with advanced technology to deliver one-on-one, online professional advisory and guidance programs.  Three innovative, core disciplines, Career, Being, and Health, are delivered by professionally trained WHEN Advisors® who help people to stay focused on leading more successful, healthful, and meaningful lives.  This personalized one-on-one guidance helps partners and members discover their unique strengths and capabilities as well as achieve greater happiness, inner peace and personal fulfillment. Personal sessions are conducted on a proprietary web-based or mobile platform, allowing WHEN® members the ability to stay in direct contact with their WHEN Advisor®, anytime or anywhere. WHEN® Enterprises is headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona. With WHEN, “Life Can Be Better®” For further information on WHEN® and their programs, please visit the website at http://www.findyourwhen.com/

About DC Fray  

ON A MISSION TO MAKE FUN POSSIBLE. At DC Fray, we believe that play has the power to transform lives, build communities, and create positive impact in the world. “Making fun possible for our community also means making fun possible for our staff.” Robert Kinsler, Founder SPORTS. Recreational sports leagues, tournaments, & pick-up games are the backbone of our company. Whether you’re a free agent looking for a team or a captain already in charge, come play with us. EVENTS. From adventure-seekers to food lovers, everyone is welcome. Make the most of your free time, right now. Make friends here, share experiences and grow closer with those you already have.   #FrayLife. Uncovering the coolest things to do in DC. Discover the best in food & drink, events, attractions, and can’t miss activities. Join the #FrayLife and start living your best life. https://dcfray.com/

For further information on WHEN® and their programs, please visit the website at www.findyourwhen.com/ or follow @whenwayoflife on LinkedIn, @whenwayoflife on Facebook, and @whenwayoflife on Instagram.

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