WHEN and BEEZLEY MANAGEMENT Engage in Wellness & Well-Being Efforts

Phoenix, AZ (March 6,2019) – WHEN® Enterprises Corp, an Arizona-based company, dba, www.findyourwhen.com,  providing powerful one-on-one advisory and guidance programs to help improve key aspects of an individual’s health, wellness, and personal development, has recently added the BEEZLEY MANAGEMENT team, www.beezleymanagement.com/ to its partner list. WHEN will provide BEEZLEY staff with dedicated 1-1 wellness and well-being services under their Power of WHEN® BEING & CAREER Disciplines.

WHEN® offers partnering wellness solutions that corporations, associations and small businesses are participating in. WHEN combines mindful methodology with advanced technology to deliver online advising and one-on-one guidance from a professionally trained WHEN Advisor®. In full support of BEEZLEY’s mission to deliver exceptional service, creative problem solvers with top notch staff to build communities which create positive impact in the marketplace, WHEN offers and delivers proprietary online advising programs. These partner programs include dedicated intake, web pages, technology platforms and related resources all conducted  via distance, mobile Member Portal (“MyWHEN® Dashboard”) for hosting these partner programs, providing results, data, and full partner support. BEEZLEY licenses the Programs from WHEN and makes them available to their employees as they choose to.

“As a business owner, I have often struggled myself over the course of my career to fight between “living to work” and “working to live.”  They seem to always be on a see-saw pushing and pulling against one another. Intellectually, I know we would never choose to “live to work” because we all want to believe we are “working to live” – but we sometimes get caught up in the hustle and bustle and the routines that we can’t seem to escape.  I tried their Power of When service in advance and it was impactful and real, and I am now very proud to offer it to my employees.

The WHEN programs suggest that they can ultimately improve our employee’s overall productivity, happiness and health, while also providing benefits to the company.  This really sounds like a win-win to me. A really meaningful program to take care of our ongoing employees well-being goals in 2019.Thank you WHEN!” says Jonathan Levy, Founder & CEO of Beezley Management

“We are excited to be working with the BEEZLEY staff in helping to provide their employee base with individual Well-Being and Wellness tools to fuel their future success stories. We know how important it is for the BEEZLEY culture to take these extra steps to help their staff achieve the kind of health, happiness, satisfaction, career success, and personal fulfillment that they are searching for in their life. WHEN is proud to have been chosen to assist in these well-being efforts. On behalf of our partnering culture platform, we are pleased that our partner programs can deliver these results and fit with smaller owned businesses” said Randy Miller, Founder & CWO of WHEN Enterprises.

About WHEN® Enterprises

WHEN® Enterprises provides people the professional guidance and knowledge they need to improve their lives.  WHEN® combines mindful methodology with advanced technology to deliver one-on-one, online professional advisory and guidance programs.  Three innovative, core disciplines, Career, Being, and Health, are delivered by professionally trained WHEN Advisors® who help people to stay focused on leading more successful, healthful, and meaningful lives.  This personalized one-on-one guidance helps partners and members discover their unique strengths and capabilities as well as achieve greater happiness, inner peace and personal fulfillment. Personal sessions are conducted on a proprietary web-based or mobile platform, allowing WHEN® members the ability to stay in direct contact with their WHEN Advisor®, anytime or anywhere. WHEN® Enterprises is headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona.

With WHEN, “Life Can Be Better®”


Founded in 1997, Beezley Management provides leading owner’s representation, construction management and project advisory services. From project concept to close-out, we’re passionate about offering clients solutions to their project development and construction initiatives.

Serving as owner’s representatives and advocates, Beezley:

  • Evaluates and addresses critical project elements from concept to completion including cost, schedule, quality and safety
  • Provides the best advice and innovative solutions available to achieve optimal results in the real estate and construction arenas
  • Help clients navigate through the project challenges posed by emerging technologies, new materials and a rapidly changing markets
  • Deliver superior customer service by developing strong, trusting relationships
  • Repeatedly execute owner initiatives and assignments successfully, on-time and within budget.

For further information on WHEN® and their programs, please visit the website at www.findyourwhen.com or follow @whenwayoflife on LinkedIn, @whenwayoflife on Facebook, and @whenwayoflife on Instagram.

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