Teachers and staff in five Copper Ridge Corridor school districts begin full access to the WHEN well-being program

Resolution Copper supports services for employees in Miami Unified, Globe Unified, Superior Unified, Ray Unified and Hayden-Winkelman Unified school districts

PHOENIX – The WHENâ Being and Career Program is now available to all teachers and staff at five school districts in Pinal and Gila Counties as part of Resolution Copper’s COVID-19 relief program.

With Resolution Copper’s assistance, remote well-being advisory and coaching services will be provided to all employees in the Miami Unified, Globe Unified, Superior Unified, Ray Unified and Hayden Winkelman Unified school districts in the Copper Corridor, a region approximately 70 miles east of metropolitan Phoenix.

Services will be provided to those school employees who may desire assistance with stress management, work-life balance, enhancing resilience, eliminating negative habits, and resolving other issues that compromise personal wellness and work performance.

“One of the many repercussions of the COVID-19 pandemic has been an increase in the stress levels among some of our community’s highly dedicated educators,” said Randy Miller, founder of WHEN. “This contract with Resolution Copper is the result of its commitment to restoring peace, calm and focus within the school districts of its operational footprint in Gila County,” Miller added.

Superintendents of the five covered school districts are embracing the WHEN Well-being Program, according to Bryan Seppala, AZED Pro and Advisor for Economic and Workforce Development at Resolution Copper. “Our stakeholders are pleased with the relationship with WHEN, and we’re looking forward to achieving new milestones in both the professional development and behavioral health arenas,” Seppala said. “WHEN is a leader in its category, and as a stakeholder overseeing the project, I value this relationship greatly.”

Through the WHEN Well-being Program, participants receive one-to-one private advisory services by phone with direct access to an individualized online portal to exchange private messages with their WHEN Advisors, make journaling entries, access a Vision Board, and track well-being progress. As their busy schedules allow, participants engage with their WHEN Advisors for program sessions during after school hours. Superintendents oversee the process for each school district.

“Needless to say, this year has been a struggle for our Panther parents, students, and staff,” said Steve Estatico, superintendent of the Superior Unified School District.

“Our staff had to adapt and learn a different way to teach and engage our students. There has been one obstacle after another in addition to working through this pandemic. The WHEN program has provided counseling and well-being support to our staff throughout the year. As always, appreciate Resolution Copper for sponsoring the WHEN program and to the WHEN Staff for their service,” Estatico added.

“Our Miami Unified board and administrative team are excited to be offering the WHEN Program for our staff this year,” said Dr. Sherry Dorathy, superintendent of Miami Unified School District #40. “We spend a great deal of time and concentration on our students and this well-being program for teachers and staff is needed and a great opportunity for them. Thank you to Randy Miller and the entire WHEN organization for all that you do. We are grateful to Resolution Copper and appreciate that they sourced the top provider in the industry to provide these services for our district,” she added.

“Dedicated educators do such an amazing job of taking care of others that they can, at times, neglect themselves,” Miller said. “We’re there to be of service to keep them more balanced and performing at their full potential. WHEN will stay committed to assisting schools and our teachers.”

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