Redirect Health Engages WHEN as Resource for Staff and Employees

Scottsdale-based Redirect Health is a National Direct Primary Care solution for businesses and families – helping them lower medical and workers compensation costs, and achieving 24 hour access to healthcare.

PHOENIX – (January 7, 2020) – WHEN® Enterprises Corp, has added Scottsdale-based Redirect Health to its growing client list to provide Redirect staff and employees with WHEN Health services under its popular Power of WHEN® service level.

Based in Phoenix, WHEN provides individually tailored one-on-one advisory and guidance programs to help improve all aspects of an individual’s health, wellness, and personal and career development to enrollees nationwide.

Redirect Health offers its members a non-insurance alternative way to receive the right healthcare at the right price. Redirect Health navigates the medical system for its members by integrating technology, data and providers eliminating administrative and other costly waste.

In full support of the Redirect Health mission “to make healthcare easy and truly affordable” and it’s value of obsessing over the customer, WHEN will pilot its holistic health discipline as an employee benefit to Redirect staff and employees, and then evaluate the program for possible inclusion for the growing Redirect membership base.

Redirect Health manages and partners with clinics, medical centers, surgical centers and hospitals in all 50 states.

“WHEN delivers a simple one-source solution for a variety of issues that affect performance and productivity in the workplace,” said David Berg, D.C, president and co-founder of Redirect Health. “We are eager to pilot their innovative services among our team in Arizona, and we’re hopeful to include WHEN resources within our suite of partner offerings in the future.”

WHEN provides wellness solutions for corporations, associations and individuals, combining holistic methodology with advanced technology to deliver online advising and one-on-one guidance from professionally trained WHEN Advisors®.

Participating Redirect Health employees will have access to the WHEN online portal of tools for an entire year.

“The best healthcare professionals are healthy, well-balanced people,” said Randy Miller, founder and Chief WHEN Officer of WHEN Enterprises Corp. “We know how important it is for the Redirect Health organization to take extra steps to help their providers and employees achieve the kind of health success, and personal fulfillment that they are searching for in their lives. And we’re confident they’ll find the resources available through WHEN to be beneficial for their internal culture and, over time, to their external membership base,” Miller added.

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About WHEN® Enterprises

WHEN® Enterprises provides people the professional guidance and knowledge they need to improve their lives. WHEN® combines mindful methodology with advanced technology to deliver one-on-one, online professional advisory and guidance programs. Three innovative, core disciplines, Career, Being, and Health, are delivered by professionally trained WHEN Advisors® who help people to stay focused on leading more successful, healthful, and meaningful lives. This personalized one-on-one guidance helps partners and members discover their unique strengths and capabilities while achieving greater happiness, inner peace and personal fulfillment. Personal sessions are conducted on a proprietary web-based or mobile platform, enabling WHEN® members the ability to stay in direct contact with their WHEN Advisor®, anytime or anywhere. WHEN® Enterprises is headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona.
With WHEN, “Life Can Be Better®”. For further information about WHEN® and its programs, visit

About Redirect Health:

Redirect Health has a straightforward mission—Easy and truly affordable healthcare for everyone.

Redirect Health is a National Direct Primary Care solution for businesses and families. It is the result of over 2 million patient appointments and twenty years’ experience operating multi-specialty medical and surgical centers throughout the Phoenix area. Drs. Janice Johnston and David Berg, and past Phoenix Mayor Paul Johnson started Redirect Health in 2013 intent on helping businesses – to lower insurance, medical and workers compensation costs, AND achieving 24 hour access to needed healthcare for their employees. Today Redirect Health operates in all 50 states across America with more than 10,000 members and growing.

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