Transforming Lives through the Power of WHEN®

Randy Miller is Expanding His B2B Model and Bringing WHEN to Corporate Cultures and Businesses Nationwide

“You’re always becoming.”

These wise words from one of his first mentors continue to be a guiding principle for Randy Miller.

As founder of WHEN Enterprises Corp. — a company committed to helping people find career satisfaction, restore their mental health, and create a work/life balance — Randy understands the importance of practicing what you preach.

The self-described “dedicated entrepreneur with an unwavering mission to empower others” is channeling his professional and personal insights into corporate well-being through the Power of WHEN®.

“To help people and businesses, you have to be responsible and respectful enough to help yourself,” says Randy, the company’s Chief WHEN Officer. So, he embraces his own journey of “becoming” and finds daily fulfillment in leading a growing business that is helping many others discover greater joy and fulfillment in their lives. “I’ve been blessed to be in the self-help profession,” he declares.

Honoring His Father’s Business Ways

The entrepreneurial and business spirit runs deep in the Miller family. He grew up around those who saw and encouraged his creative and executive potential, especially his father. A successful businessman himself, Stephen J. Miller noticed Randy’s interest in his work, happily answering questions and eventually engaging Randy in running day-to-day operations.

“My father and I always had business discussions, even when I was a kid,” Randy says. “I learned a lot from him as he let me make decisions involving hundreds of clients and personnel by the time I was in my late 20s. We ended up working together for six years and building a thriving new business. My father was a dominant figure in his industry.”

Stephen J. Miller also set a powerful and positive example of how to live a full and balanced life for his son. “He liked to have fun, taking his key customers out to dinner, and he always found time for his children,” says Randy. “I admired and respected this. He was a successful businessman running a large company who always stopped and took a call from his child. I paid attention to it all, and the work ethic and core life values just stuck. Thank you, Dad!”

Heeding an Entrepreneurial Call to Help Others

Acknowledging those who helped him chart his personal career course, Randy applied his executive knowledge and intuition into creating a company that would assist others in uncovering their professional paths.

His first venture, ReadyMinds, turned Randy into a pioneer in the distance career counseling and coaching field. ReadyMinds provided individualized career development guidance to undergrads, graduate students, and recent grads across the country. For 16 years, he successfully steered the ReadyMinds ship as the leader in this field before eventually selling it to a public company.

Though no longer the owner, Randy remained involved in its operation as a vice president, a role he calls his “first corporate job.” It was here Randy became aware of the disparities within the general corporate community. He saw firsthand environments rife with unhappy, unproductive, and unhealthy employees. He wanted to change that.

“When you own your own business, you create your own culture,” he says. “Why wouldn’t you want to create a culture of happy, healthy, productive employees? Why wouldn’t you want to take good care of your people?”

“I got to thinking, ‘Okay, buddy, if you helped college students and young adults for sixteen years, why can’t you help employees and adults?’ And I started to do research into the broader coaching industry,’ he recalls.

Determined to find an answer, he left his ReadyMinds legacy behind to take the next step on his entrepreneurial journey.

Creating an Innovative Model in a Blue Ocean of Opportunity

Randy saw too many people tolerating unhappy situations or putting off finding joy and purpose in their lives. They were stuck, assuming they either couldn’t change their circumstances or that happiness would arrive at some unknown future date. Randy knew it didn’t have to be that way; there must be a way to help them get unstuck.

“I understand that people have choices, and change can be difficult. It becomes a question of if or when you do something about it. That was the thought that stayed with me,” he says. “As I thought further, I realized that if keeps us stuck; it’s a possibility only. When determines a time frame and moves us into action. When is the critical ingredient needed for change.”

“That was the evolution of ‘If or When’ to just WHEN,” he continues. “I wanted to develop a unique approach for working people to find their way and be happy in their adult lives right now, both personally and professionally. And so, Find Your WHEN and WHEN were born.”

While the seeds for WHEN were taking root, Randy’s research revealed a lack of programs specifically geared toward helping employees find balance and fulfillment at work and within themselves. He began building a new business by expanding on distance counseling and coaching models to support more people in more holistic and effective ways. Within the WHEN platform, Randy targeted three critical areas in people’s lives: career, personal well-being, and mental health. “Focusing on these pillars lets us impact the entire individual in three of the most important areas of their lives,” he says. “This is great for that individual, the employee, but it’s doubly beneficial for our B2B partners because they get to see the retention and recruitment results. WHEN deals with the whole human experience to enhance their quality of life and make the individual more productive in the workplace.”

In fact, WHEN’s innovative, holistically designed program places the company in “blue ocean” territory in the marketplace — meaning WHEN is making a big splash in vast, uncharted market waters by packaging a customized solution unmatched by other products or programs.

“When you want to be a leader in the burgeoning self-help and HR space, it’s essential to be different,” Randy says. “I’m proud that we’re swimming in that blue ocean, and we’re making waves that are getting a lot of people’s attention.”

Research Validates the Need

Ongoing Gallup data continually reinforces the importance of the work WHEN is doing within the business world. Currently, Gallup statistics indicate fewer than 25% of employees believe their company cares about them. But of those who say their organization does care, 69% are less likely to actively search for a new job, 71% are less likely to report experiencing burnout, and they’re three times as likely to be engaged in their work.

“There are benefits to demonstrating that an organization cares,” says Randy. “Mental health, well-being, taking care of yourself — these needs aren’t going anywhere. We’re not going to lose sight of wanting to help individuals and corporations improve those statistics.”

Ryan Wolf, a leader of Gallup’s health and well-being strategies and a member of WHEN’s advisory team, sees Randy as a trailblazer in addressing the issue. “Randy Miller is definitely a founder and entrepreneur that gets it. He is not only true to his passion and mission, he genuinely cares about what he does for people, business, and industry.”

A Winning Formula Full of Heart

It’s the powerful combination of the company’s unique platform and the passion of the people behind it that makes WHEN so impactful. From the care taken in pairing participants to the perfect WHEN Advisor to the tools used during virtual sessions, WHEN was designed to achieve long-term results through compassionate connection and guidance tailored to each individual.

“We have a moral compass and do things in a mindful way,” says Randy. “WHEN has a sound business philosophy, and we provide tools that stay with each person we work with. A big word is empathy in the corporate environment, and that’s always been part of the WHEN culture, part of who I am, and now part of moving the company forward in a larger way. It’s very profound and important.”

“I’m an entrepreneur, founder, and Chief WHEN Officer,” he continues. “But at the end of the day, I’m a father, husband, brother, uncle, friend, and son. Having recently lost my father, it’s brought home, even more, the importance of taking care of myself, my own well-being, and my family. What I stand for and what I do helps the WHEN business. I’m proud of that. It’s extremely rewarding to wake up every day and know that businesses and people’s lives have changed for the better.”

Randy’s also quick to credit the entire WHEN team for the company’s ongoing success and growth. “The gratitude I have for my WHEN Advisors and all of our team leaders is enormous,” he says. “To work with people who feel similarly to me, who have their own passion for what we do, and who really care about what’s best for the business, that’s the blessing for me and that passion permeates all other areas of our business.”

What’s Next for WHEN

Whenever considering the best direction for the company’s future, Randy is grounded in knowing that “You’re always becoming,” and he has one mantra: What’s best for WHEN?

“I believe that since what we’ve charted is unique thus far, there are a lot of folks who are going to want to be involved with this organization,” he predicts.

One thing is certain: Randy sees unlimited “becoming” potential for WHEN, the companies that benefit, and the employees who find greater balance and joy in their lives.

And he’s in it for the long haul. “I’m excited that our WHEN team is breaking boundaries as we work to meet the extraordinary challenges that exist in the dynamic workplace of today and tomorrow,” he says. “We do it really well. Numerous years of dedicated work, the data, the science, and the metrics are all there. I’m so pleased and reenergized about WHEN exceeding expectations, especially during the pandemic and uncertain times.”

“We can take care of and serve all employees and businesses,” he concludes. “And that’s my job, to get WHEN into as many businesses and organizations as we can. Let’s just say the sky’s the limit for WHEN — and as we all say, ‘WHEN is Now!'”

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