High Hopes Podcast with Host, Angela Felix and Sponsor Phoenix Business RadioX

High Hopes Podcast with Host, Angela Felix and Sponsor Phoenix Business RadioX

WHEN offers innovative programs for employee career, well-being and health that are more effective and flexible than traditional corporate wellness programs. These unique online WHENness Programs provide one-on-one advisory solutions that can improve employees’ overall productivity, happiness and health, while also improving the company’s ROI. Our programs are designed to educate companies on where they’ll receive the greatest return, increase career productivity, lower employee absenteeism,
improve employee retention and lower overall health care costs.

Randy-MIller-on-Phoenix-Business-RadioXRandy Miller is on a mission to meaningfully transform peoples’ lives. His genuine care and compassion is the embodiment of the When Way of Life®. WHEN® was launched by Randy as the preeminent destination for personal growth and wellness. He built an innovative and engaging online platform which allows people to learn more about themselves, grow on a daily basis, and ultimately find their WHEN in today’s busy times.

Randy’s dream will be achieved when the Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index reflects higher levels of career productivity and social satisfaction among Americans. Randy is an established entrepreneur with successful start-ups and exits. He is a pioneer in distance career counseling, coaching, and professional training. Author of books, articles, and training credentialed manuals and a renowned and dynamic speaker.

Tyler-Gentry-on-Phoenix-Business-RadioXTyler Gentry is the Senior Vice President of Strategic Development and Partnerships; and, the Principal of High Fives Unlimited. Tyler is driven to help people find meaning and purpose at work and life. Equally important is guiding his clients to strengthen their workplace culture and deliver measurable results.

Tyler has consulted hundreds of Fortune 500 companies such as Avnet, Intel, and General Electric in the area of employee engagement, retention, and culture. Most recently, under the direction of the Arizona Governor’s administration, Tyler successful recruited corporate clients such as Amazon, Morgan Stanley, and Allstate to expand and relocate to Arizona, helping create over 10,000 new jobs for the state.

He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from the University of Wyoming and a MBA with an emphasis in human resources and marketing.

Tyler resides in Ahwatukee, and in his spare time loves to stay fit and focus on his family, a very proud father of five.

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About your Host

Angela FelixAngela Felix has been in technology for over 15 years, but her passion is and always will be helping people. She believes wholeheartedly that there are people you must meet….and people you must experience.

She recognizes the fact that technology pays the bills…or in her words “buys food and toilet paper”, but the real reward is the fulfillment she finds in helping others accomplish their goals. And after nearly losing her sister in April of 2018, Angela realized just how important having hope is, and how sometimes hope is the ONLY thing you have. But it’s that hope that carries us through those dark times. And sometimes, when we’re lucky, someone amazing comes along and shares their hope with us.

About the HIGH HOPES Podcast

With the help of technology, Phoenix Business RadioX, and some dear friends, Angela introduces you to people who are making a positive impact in the world. High Hopes guests are passionate about helping others. They are individuals who’ve run with an idea because they saw a need and want to be a part of the solution, not the problem. Angela believes these folks are out there making a real difference for our youth, homeless, education, veterans, and entrepreneurs; and with that in mind, Angela knows you need to get to know them too. Who knows? Maybe you will be inspired to get involved in some way; or, even kick your own “high hopes” into action.

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