Tap Into the Healing Power of Nature

Tap Into the Healing Power of Nature

Within each human being, is a deep and abiding connection to the natural world. Whether that be a love of flowers, an appreciation of storms or a hike through the woods, the healing energy of nature cannot be matched by man made structures and systems.

If you are hurting in some way, being outside or bringing the outside in is a subtle, yet powerful, way to promote healing on all levels. The energy of nature is of such intrinsic value that our lives are impacted deeply when we allow ourselves to fully experience the natural world around us.

Here is a six-step visualization that will help you tune in to the healing power of the natural world:

1) Either outside or in a room with live plants, close your eyes. Breathe slowly and deeply for several minutes.

2) Now imagine you are protected and safe. And in this safety, you feel completely comfortable. Take a few moments to enjoy the freedom of knowing you are completely safe.

3) Now imagine that you can feel the energy of the natural world. What does it feel like? 

4) Now imagine that you can see the energy of the natural world. What does it look like?

5) Now imagine that you are absorbing the energy of the natural world and it begins to heal any place in your mind, body or spirit that is upset or hurting. Stay with this for several minutes or as long as it feels good to do so.

6) When you’re ready to end the visualization, slowly bring your awareness back to your surroundings. Sit for a moment or two in gratitude to nature, and then open your eyes.

If you do this visualization on a regular basis, you will notice a lightening of your worries and a greater sense of wellbeing. Drinking a glass of water after a healing visualization is helpful too.

To your health and wellbeing!

Deanna S., MA| WHEN Being Advisor

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