Self-care – Limit the Spread of Negativity… and the Virus

Self-care – Limit the Spread of Negativity… and the Virus

Well, this has been a head-turning experience for all of us. Things are changing by the hour. We’ve never been in a situation where we are ordered to stay home and keep a safe distance from others while having our resources restricted.

How do we deal with all this rapid change?

There is a lot of uneasiness out there. This is understandable. We feel uncertain about the future and out of control with our options because we don’t know what is happening next.

One thing we do have some control over is the spread of our negative emotions such as fear and anxiety. Emotions are contagious, too. Being around others who are scared and troubled can ramp up our own feelings of worry and distress.

Reflect and Engage

This can be the perfect time to reflect on our lives, what is important to us and who we will be through this process.

You have heard a lot about the spread of COVID-19 and what physical steps to take about reducing it – handwashing, social distancing, wearing masks and others.

Now, here are some suggestions to help decrease the negative emotions:

1. Focus on the good things in your life. Express gratitude for what you have. This is a great opportunity to take stock of the good things in your life – family, pets, job, friendships, beautiful flowers, singing birds. It also brings you into the present moment and out of anxiety about the future.

2. Do something to help others. Even with social distancing, this can be accomplished by donating food and paper goods to shelters, assisting neighbors who may not be able to get out, volunteering at hospitals or supporting first responders and all the people out there right now who are providing the services we need.

3. Go for a walk. Be outside and get some fresh air. I see people in my neighborhood walking their dogs and taking kids for a walk or stroll. They are smiling.

4. Stay informed AND limit your contact with, and participation in, negative voices on social media, TV news and those around you. Don’t let others’ fears and concerns escalate your own.

5. Send positive thoughts to yourself, family, friends and out on social media.  Watch uplifting movies, shows, podcasts – whatever feels good to you.

6. Consider meditation and mindful breathing. There are many resources online if you have never done these practices before. These won’t eliminate your fears, but they may help you reduce your anxiety and feel calmer.

You may come to appreciate the time you are out of the busyness of the world. Give yourself an opportunity to see what you are capable of during this crazy time. There may be more good things in your life than you’ve been giving yourself credit for.

If you want to talk about what’s going on in your current situation, professionally trained WHEN Advisors are available to schedule individual coaching sessions that can help you get through these uncertain times. Call 855-943-WHEN (9436).

Stay well, and check back often!

Randy Miller, Founder &
Chief WHEN Officer

Dr. Elaine Stewart, ND,
Chief Health Officer

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