If Not Now, WHEN?

If Not Now, WHEN?

If not now, WHEN? Such a simple phrase, but how powerful! This statement, originally credited to Hillel the Elder, prompts us to take immediate action on important matters at hand.

Most of us have goals and aspirations. Many people would agree that they would feel better if they ate more healthfully, started exercising, stopped smoking or lowered their stress. Some people believe that they would be happier if only they had a different job or more money. However, none of these things happen as long as they remain if only. No matter what change you seek in your life, no matter what goal you aspire to, instead of saying or thinking “IF only…” Why not say “WHEN?” Once you do, you bring your goal into reality by determining when you will make these changes in your life. It’s no longer IF at that point, but WHEN.

When will you actually start doing the right thing for you? When? If you keep this question foremost in your thoughts, you might find yourself moving in new, positive directions. I strive to live my WHEN on a regular basis, trying to follow through on goals I set for myself. In order to stay on track, I periodically ask myself, if not now, WHEN?

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I’d like to share a recent example of how this plays out in my life. I’m someone who can procrastinate at times. Procrastination can be quite insidious and sometimes I’m down the rabbit hole long before I even realize that there is a hole! So, I’ve set a new goal to structure my time better and make new choices that are in my best interest. Of course, as often happens, my best intentions get lost in the busyness of life and there I am again…procrastinating. Some of you may know what I’m talking about 🙂 SO, the other day I found myself doing three things at once, avoiding the one thing I should be completing. That’s the time I asked myself, If not now, WHEN? Do I want to continue with the old habit of procrastination? Or do I get back on track with my new intention? I decided WHEN is NOW, and I chose to shift gears and complete the most important task at the time – this blog! It felt good to complete the blog, and I was glad to have followed through on my WHEN goals.

WHEN®, gives people the power and guidance to actually reach their goals and we strive to assist others in finding their WHEN. Whether through overcoming procrastination, beginning a better health regimen, repairing a relationship, or being grateful for something in your life, we ask that you consider starting your WHEN Way of Life®.

Dr. Nancy Friedman, Chief Being Officer, www.findyourwhen.com

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