How WHEN helped a healthcare professional find a fast track to career success

How WHEN helped a healthcare professional find a fast track to career success

Personalized guidance leads to transformative and gratifying career growth within months

“I would recommend Find Your WHEN to anyone that’s feeling stuck. I know exactly how that feels because that’s how I was feeling. If they’re ready to move up in their career and continue growing in their personal life, having a guide through that journey can be very beneficial and have a really positive impact.”-Lili Ortiz

THE PROBLEM: Stalled at a career crossroads and uncertain which route to follow

“I felt like I was ready for the next step in my career, but I wasn’t really sure where I wanted to go. I was feeling a little lost. I reached out to my HR department, and they told me about the Find Your WHEN program. I said yes immediately because I thought it was perfect, exactly what I was looking for.”

As a Lead Care Specialist at a healthcare company, Lili genuinely enjoyed her work. By guiding patients from low-income, underrepresented communities through the complexities of the healthcare system, she knew she was making a difference in lives daily.

But Lili was seeking direction herself. There were management opportunities she wanted to pursue within the company, yet she was hesitant to apply. She struggled to decide which avenue best suited her skill strengths, could lead to more prominent roles down the line, and would be most fulfilling professionally and personally.

She realized it was time to seek support and counsel if she was going to figure out how to move her career forward.

Reaching out to the Human Resources Department for advice, Lili discovered the company had recently engaged with Find Your WHEN: a unique program where she could receive one-on-one assistance from a highly trained and experienced WHEN Career Advisor. And because it was an employee benefit, she could access the service free of charge.

Sensing WHEN could be the answer to clearing her career roadblocks, Lili immediately signed up.

THE SOLUTION: In-depth self-assessment, improved goal-setting skills, and accountability to maintain momentum

“We wouldn’t just talk about my career growth; we would also talk about my personal growth, which is something I really liked. I felt like I had so much in my mind that it was hard to focus. And that’s where I saw the most value from having those conversations. My WHEN Career Advisor would help me focus my thoughts and guide me to the next steps.”

From the start, Lili felt an instant rapport with her WHEN Career Advisor. She looked forward to her sessions, which were broken down into four, 30-minute phone calls.

During each conversation, her WHEN Career Advisor asked questions designed to help Lili uncover what she desired most both personally and professionally. She began to zero in on the areas of her work that were most meaningful, developing a clearer picture of the roles where she would find that fulfillment.

As Lili’s vision for her career came into focus, goal-setting became a key factor in her WHEN sessions. In the past, procrastination had often prevented her from following through on her goals in a timely manner. Now, Lili had someone holding her accountable, enabling her to finally accomplish projects she’d avoided and step into the next phase of her career without hesitation.

Lili was so delighted with her progress, she asked for, and was given by her company, an additional series of sessions with her WHEN Career Advisor so she could continue making strides. As her first promotion appeared on the horizon, her WHEN Advisor was there to guide her in preparing for conversations with the hiring managers around job expectations and salary negotiations.

THE TRANSFORMATION: Clarity, confidence, and a bright professional future

With the encouragement and guidance of her WHEN Career Advisor, Lili successfully charted an exciting career course for herself and is thriving both at work and at home.

She received the first of two promotions while still regularly meeting with her WHEN Career Advisor and continues to excel. Her personal growth and outstanding management skills are often recognized by others.

Now leading her own department team, Lili applies the tools and techniques she learned in her WHEN sessions to support the employees she now supervises. She talks them through ways to solve challenges and helps them set goals so they can flourish as well.

She’s created a new work/life balanceand enjoys rewarding activities outside of her job. In fact, she’s considering signing up for more sessions with her WHEN Career Advisor as her career journey advances to a higher professional level.

“Expect the best to happen.” Those words of advice from her WHEN Career Advisor keep Lili grounded any time she’s nervous about a meeting or in an unfamiliar professional situation.  Given the success she’s experienced so far, she’s optimistic, eager, and expecting to achieve even more in the years to come.

FInd Your WHEN is something I preach about to my team. I always tell them, as I was transitioning to supervisor, WHEN was part of what helped me get there. I’ve been very thankful for that opportunity, and I’ve highly encouraged others to join the program, especially those that I see are really trying to take that next step.”

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