Creating Opportunities within Challenges

Creating Opportunities within Challenges

With so many restrictions and what not to do’s out there these days, I thought I’d focus instead on how to find opportunities within the challenges.

For those who hold the perspective that self-understanding leads to greater happiness and joy, here are some helpful questions and activities that encourage personal growth during difficult times:

 Journal the answer to these questions:

 1) What do I need to change within myself so as not to experience this challenge again?

2) What fears might be underlying my reaction to this situation?

3) What do I need to do to respond authentically to this situation?

4) Who do I want to be in this situation?

Activities for positive change:

1) Practice “Mindful WHEN 6”every day. Spend two minutes during your morning routine, two minutes during the day and two minutes in the evening practicing mindfulness. This gives us a rest from worry and strengthens our ability to respond rather than react.

2) Give yourself 30 minutes every day without electronics. Read a book, work in the yard, take a walk, pet your cat, enjoy a hobby, practice yoga or create something. Taking 30 electronics-free minutes will give you a rest from the overwhelming feelings that can come from being too ‘tuned-in’. It is during times of rest that our bodies and minds heal and rejuvenate.

3) Create a space, either indoors or outdoors, that reflects some aspect of your innermost self. Choose colors, plants, fabrics and surroundings that create an energetic match. If you want calm, choose colors that are soft and soothing. If you want more energy, choose patterns that are lively and vibrant. Spend time in your space connecting with your deepest self.

Doing one or more of these activities will help you manage the stress and strains of challenge and change. If done with intention, the outcomes will help clear away that which no longer serves you, and open the door for greater happiness.

Deanna S., MA| WHEN Being Advisor

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