WHEN is the right time to make changes in your life.

WHEN is the right time to make changes in your life.

Let’s face it. Most people are dissatisfied with their careers, feel a general lack of personal happiness or wish they felt better physically. Maybe all three.

Making changes to improve the most important aspects of our lives is the biggest challenge a majority of us will ever face because it’s hard to really know what steps to take, or more importantly, WHEN to take them.

Take a look at the level of employee disengagement in the workplace as an example. There is an epidemic of personal malaise on a national and even global scale going on all around us.

In 2017, a Gallup Poll State of the Global Workplace report indicated that 85% of employees are disengaged at work. Of that figure, 18% are actively disengaged from their work and the other 67% show up,but are not putting forth their best efforts or generating their best ideas.

A separate Gallup Poll revealed that 66% of adult Americans are not happy with their lives.

I’m betting that most of today’s disengaged employees and unhappy people would change something in their lives if they only had an opportunity to know more about their options.

The key to personal fulfillment is giving yourself time to think about what you really want and trying new things in a safe environment, void of the judgments and expectations of others.

People want to be engaged in their careers, lives and health experiences. I truly believe that we all just need some guidance and nurturing to find and create our own way to more personally rewarding career choices, lifestyle options and health management.

I can say that with confidence because I see it every day.

So, WHEN is the right time to make changes in your life…..

That’s not a question.

WHEN is here for those who are ready to be in the moment and begin exploring meaningful ways to change the most important aspects of their lives.

Part of the challenge for many of us is that we’re looking for the answers to life’s most important questions in a book, or a workshop, or a seminar.

But the answers aren’t always in someone else’s book for how to self-motivate or find your purpose. Everyone is different and everyone motivates themselves and adapts to change in different ways.

Today, I have a clear picture of the why I’ve spent the past five years creating WHEN.

I’ve spent most of my entire career helping to change people’s lives. I’m called a pioneer in the field of long distance career counseling, coaching and professional training. I’ve helped other entrepreneurs start, manage and exit successful businesses. I’ve been raising a family for more than a decade now and my wife and I don’t miss our kids’ basketball games, theatre shows or school performances.

Yet in 2013, I realized these were all pieces of an amazing and complex life puzzle, filled with unlimited possibilities, that can be enhanced, intertwined and refined to manifest a more fulfilling, productive and balanced quality of life.

I don’t have all the answers, nobody does, but I knew that WHEN should provide the kind of structure that helps people find their own way, on their own terms and at their own pace.

Change isn’t easy. And there isn’t a right or wrong way to do it. However, I do strongly believe ‘there is a way’ to do things. Getting started is usually the hardest part of the process because it can be uncomfortable to venture into different ways of doing things or stepping out to explore new options.

That’s why we take the time to talk and listen. On a personal level,

The WHEN Career Program will lead you through an enlightening and exciting process of ways to match your skills with what makes you happy, more productive, and aligning what you do with the impact you want to make in your career. How to navigate through difficult workplace decisions Set career goals and build a roadmap that will build more confidence in yourself and the work path you want to follow.

The WHEN Being Program takes you through steps that helps you better understand yourself in order to uncover or rediscover your purpose and add joy to your life. You will learn how to stay on track, avoid procrastination and navigate through the twists and turns of life with greater ease and clarity.

The WHEN Health Program takes you through a personal process of assessing your state of physical wellness and presents options for maintaining a healthier mind and body. A holistic approach.

On a larger corporate or workplace level, WHEN has programs to address the wellness of the business culture through the same filters of career, being and health.

The WHEN team doesn’t have a predetermined set of solutions to hand you on a photocopied checklist. We provide the pathways and ask the right questions that will open up new options, unveil new opportunities and show people ways to be comfortable about thinking and acting differently.

Can you imagine a workplace that is more productive, where people are satisfied with the quality of their lives and have a healthy sense of work-life balance? Could you envision a family and friendships filled with people who are happy with themselves and their life situations? I do because I see it happening with our clients and every member of the WHEN organization.

We’ve assembled a team of professionals who have life experience in the very issues you’re facing. We’re helping people find their own ways to satisfying careers, work-life balance and healthier lifestyles.

So, now the question: WHEN is the right time to take action?

Think about your time to make a difference in your life.


Randy Miller

Chief WHEN Officer

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