WHEN – It’s Time!

WHEN – It’s Time!

For most of us, this COVID19 isolation and interruption to life as we knew it, has been challenging, to say the least.

Many have been forced into new roles, isolated with (or sometimes without) our families, work models are changing and, in some cases, disappearing.

We have also been forced, in my view, to acknowledge that we do not have control of the same things in our lives that we believe we once did, and there is not much we can do to “fix” this situation for ourselves and our loved ones. We are getting real now as we settle into the summer of 2020.

I have seen the effects of the stress in myself, my colleagues, my teenage son, and my husband in person – and it feels relentless. Even in our small family of three, between us, we all have “moments” that hit hard, create emotion, and they are intense. I think a lot of it does stem from feeling out of control of our own lives.

And, for me and many of my colleagues who are subject matter experts and career and life coaches who also make a living speaking, our business model is completely disrupted. We are hustling to make ourselves visible, available, useful. It is not easy at all, but I have come across a great resource through an old friend and associate from my career services days, Randy Miller.

Randy is the CWO (Chief WHEN Officer) and founder of a company called WHEN. (FindYourWhen.com). I have known him since 2003, when he was with his previous company, ReadyMinds, which he has sold. Randy has a solid and proven background doing at least two things I admire: creating and running a successful business, and helping people get the career guidance they need at any and every phase of life. He has done this for 20+ years now, all via distance. In reflecting on my industry reviews, I would be remiss not to acknowledge and justify what is real and works for business and people.

WHEN looks at life through three essential lenses: Career, Being, and Health, and finds a way to help anyone who needs help putting these things into alignment based on what you need and what applies specifically to you. The platform enables direct engagement with professional WHEN Advisors, a structured platform and a program that you can go through with help as needed. This is a model that will  help you figure out the challenges you are facing and help you identify areas where you need to focus to advance and even improve these aspects of your life.

At this point in time, who doesn’t need help with that?

Of further benefit within industry relevant dynamics, WHEN is an affordable option for individuals and organizations to help get people moving forward with focus and positivity and with real, practical steps.

I still coach, write, organize and participate in events to help people with career transitions, and I can say that the programs available through WHEN are worth your time and consideration if you are looking for a quick and affordable option to get help moving forward.

Kim DeCoste
Career Transition & Communication Expert
Author of “Get Real, Ladies: Career Challenges, Changes & Choices”

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