Tips for Tackling Your Workload

Tips for Tackling Your Workload

When we have a lot going on at work, it’s easy to become overwhelmed. Our productivity slows and we may not think as clearly or as creatively. 

If you’ve ever found yourself in this situation, you know how stressful it can be. 

Here are four techniques to help you tackle your workload. They can be used alone or together to create a more stress-free and productive work flow in your day. 

  • Use the last 15 minutes of your work day to create a list of the next day’s tasks. Determine which tasks are ‘Must Do’ and which tasks are ‘Not Necessary to Complete Today’. Then prioritize the Must Do’s. Use the first hour of your work day to tackle the highest priority task.
  • Postpone looking at and answering emails until 2 hours into your work day.  This gives you two hours to focus on the ‘Must Do’ list before you get bogged down in emails.
  • Block out your work day schedule. Allocate the first two hours to high priority tasks and the next two hours to emails and messages. The next two hours are flexible, and you can tackle other assignments or new tasks for the rest of the day.
  • Plan a 15 minute Stress Break into your work day. Take a technology-free walk and leave your cell phone at your desk! Go outside, meditate, eat a healthy snack and drink some water. Stand up and stretch – movement is the key! 

Changing how you approach your work day can make a big difference in lowering your stress level while enhancing your productivity!

Deanna S., MA| WHEN Being Advisor

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