The Rise of the CWO

The Rise of the CWO

A WHEN perspective:

WHEN created the key roles and titles of CBO (Chief Being Officer) and CWO, my title, Chief WHEN Officer, on our leadership team many years ago predicting what was to come in comprehensive well-being activities in the workplace. We remain proud of our vision and mission.

Today, there is a movement to create a Chief Wellbeing Officer in many companies, and we completely support these investments in work/life balance, productivity and overall employee happiness.

As we look forward to the second half of 2020:

  • WHEN is working with more CWO level positions to introduce WHEN to their businesses
  • WHEN advocates the CWO role because it’s time to recognize the importance of employee wellness and well-being from the company leadership team
  • WHEN can help you develop a CWO role for your organization
  • WHEN culture and delivery of services directly relates to the CWO-level person in your organizational chart

A recent article in Forbes magazine addresses the momentum in this shift within corporate cultures nationwide. I invite you to take a look.

– Randy Miller, Chief WHEN Officer

A Forbes perspective: 

The Rise Of The Chief Wellbeing Officer

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