Founder’s Reflections

Founder’s Reflections

WHEN was founded in 2015 to address the single most adverse factor affecting American business productivity – rampant personal malaise among a majority of American workers in every category of the business community.

To address this, we created the nation’s first truly comprehensive and wholistic virtual program for enhancing employee productivity by fully integrating the three elements that impact productivity at the workplace: career satisfaction, work-life balance, and personal health matters.

With 2020 dominated by the pandemic, the themes at the core of WHEN’s mission — finding and keeping a job; productivity amid a climate of economic, health-related and political restrictions; managing stress; maintaining mental health; work-life balance; and managing the physical health of self and family — have become the biggest news stories in our country.

Over the past five years, WHEN has provided individual employees of businesses and community organizations a wide array of science-based, professional guidance tips, relationship management tools and well-being strategies. Our clients are now better equipped, and are more adept at working with confidence, restoring work-life balance, increasing productivity, and improving overall well-being.

Visit us at to read more about some of our accomplishments and how the pandemic has increased the need for what we do.

We send all our clients and everyone in the business community sincere wishes for a healthy end of year and holiday blessing. We envision 2021 as a year of endless possibilities for change. Life can be better! The best of WHEN is yet to come…

Randy M. Miller, Founder & CWO

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