Happy WHENsday!

Happy WHENsday!

What is your current Wednesday like? Do you lament that it’s only Wednesday and how can you possibly, ever, make it to the end of the week? Do you drag yourself around throughout the day, wishing it was the end of the week? Well, not any longer – Welcome to the new WHENsday®. A day to celebrate!

Rather than the low point of the week, we say WHENsday is a GOOD day, and one to be embraced. As part of expressing our WHEN® culture, both internally and externally, this is a great day to do something special for yourself or others that you would not normally think to do during the middle of the week. You can build this into your day and it doesn’t have to take a lot of extra time. It can bring gratitude, newfound energy, WHEN moments… and FUN!

Some suggestions for making your #WHENsday special:

  • Start your day with something totally different in the morning and change your routine (i.e., have a special breakfast, meditate, or take a walk). Just change your routine.

  • Awaken with a kind thought about yourself. Truly be in that moment for YOU.

  • Take a minimum of 10 or more minutes for yourself, a half-hour or more would be ideal. MARK IT ON YOUR CALENDAR/SCHEDULE as a reminder!

  • If you’ve always wanted to journal, make WHENsday your day to do so.

  • For others, perform random acts of kindness throughout the day (i.e., open and hold doors for others, smile at each person you see more, leave a larger tip, buy a stranger standing behind you in line a cup of coffee, or just say to others with a smile: Meaningful WHENsday…enjoy your day!)

  • Take stock of all the good in your life, with gratitude. Write a gratitude list or journal about it – the big and the small things – your family, friends, a safe place to live, your pet, your job, etc.

  • Call someone you haven’t spoken to for some time. Wish them a meaningful WHENsday.

  • Talk about WHEN to someone who doesn’t know about it. Share your WHEN journey or When moments of doing something. Pass it on. Keep the momentum going. This is a way to spread your discovery to others, encouraging others to Find their WHEN and be more present during the middle of the week. It’s contagious! #WHEN #WHENSDAY spread the word!

To help make your WHENsday special, we will post a weekly WHENsday blog and find us on Instagram. It will be filled with timely articles and bits of wisdom to help make your life better! Be sure to follow us.

Let us know the special ways you celebrate WHENsday! Visit us on Instagram or Facebook #whenwayoflife and share your comments.

Nancy Friedman,


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