Fulfillment – “Satisfaction or happiness as a result of fully developing one’s potential.”

Fulfillment…isn’t that what we all want? What each of us means by fulfillment, satisfaction, or happiness may vary, but we venture to say that everyone’s definition likely includes feeling good about themselves. This can include anything from “I’m a good cook,” or “I’m a loving wife/husband/partner” to satisfaction about a specific accomplishment in life; anything, really, that leads to feelings of pleasure, satisfaction or happiness.

If you look around, we believe that you will see that many people are unfulfilled and unhappy. In fact, in their 2018 Global Emotions Report, Gallup reports the troubling statistic that today the “…world is more stressed, worried, sad and in pain today than we’ve ever seen it.” Why are people so unfulfilled and unhappy?

In determining individual fulfillment, there’s often a qualifying phrase that starts with “if only” and ends with “then I would feel good.” If only I had more money, if only I had a relationship, if only I could win the lottery, etc. But even when people get what they desire, they often set the bar even higher, and along comes another “if only” to be fulfilled. Asking yourself “if only” is a good beginning, and leads the way to the possibility for achieving change. In fact, the WHEN® culture believes that there is no creative thinking, dreaming, or imagining without the word if; and there is no certainty of action or completion without when. Determining WHEN we will begin to make a change in our life brings that goal into reality, enlivening the visual part of the brain that helps us to see what comes after if, to create a picture of when. Instead of simply telling people “If only you’ll do these exercises,” or “If only you’ll take better care of yourself,” we help people determine when they will take consistent action towards this now very real goal and what specific steps are necessary to help them achieve their most desired results.

Feel fulfilled today in some area of your life!


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