Are you an IF or WHEN person?

Are you an IF or WHEN person?

Did you ever really think about YOUR life in this way?

Everyone has dreams and aspirations. You promise yourself that you will get healthy, stop smoking, or lower your stress. Or you aspire to change jobs, get organized, or find time to do something fun or meaningful in your life. Perhaps you even aspire to greatness, to breaking a record, or making an important discovery. Or maybe you simply wish to find more clarity or feel more joy or peace in your own life.

No matter what change you seek in your life, no matter what goal you aspire to, instead of saying or thinking “IF only…” Why not say “WHEN?” Why not choose (define?) WHEN you will begin to move toward that goal?

Posing your desire as “WHEN” brings that goal into reality and makes it a certainty in your life. Deciding WHEN you will do it, you have chosen to manifest exactly that which you desire.

What is your WHEN? What, in your life at this time, do you believe would bring you more peace, joy, fulfillment, or meaning? What does finding your when mean to you?

Let us know what FINDING YOUR WHEN means to you!

By Nancy Friedman – Chief Being Officer

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