2020 = Year of the Algorithm

2020 = Year of the Algorithm

Algorithms are the #1 most important concept in our world today that are wildly underutilized; two simple words that can exponentially enhance your day-to-day operations:

If, Then.

If I wake up and it’s a weekday, then I go to the gym before work.

If it’s 5:30pm, then work + digital devices are shut off and it’s family time.

If the sink is full of dirty dishes, then I will clean them.

If I’m playing with my kids, then my phone is in another room.

If I’m working on a task, then 100% of my attention is devoted to said task.

When you choose to write and install an algorithm that will better your life, you follow the code just as a computer would. In this frame of reference, your feelings do not matter. Let me repeat that one more time—when discussing self-algorithmic implementation, your feelings have zero say.

You don’t “feel” like going to the gym before work? Too bad. You don’t “feel” like cleaning the kitchen? Doesn’t matter.  The algorithm runs regardless of how you feel at any given moment. When we let feelings get in the way of our progress, we give in to our emotions, letting them override the algorithm. Need help getting started? Here is my favorite algorithm—feel free to make it your own:

If I write an algorithm that will better my life, then I will choose to follow it. Period.

Written by: Jason Komosa | WHEN Advisory Board Member

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