Einar Seadler

Einar Seadler is a credentialed C-Suite Senior Strategy & Business Operations executive with 25+ years’ experience providing advice and counsel to senior executives in Consumer, Retail, High-tech and Governmental Industries.

As an Accenture Managing Director-Strategy and earlier with McKinsey, Einar worked with a wide variety of Fortune clients. His vision and leadership often delivered results that outstripped client’s projections. Einar’s focus: creating operational agility and driving returns to shareholders with an array of transformational options. P&L responsibility with a key eye to the bottom line.

He is a leader who is not afraid of risks but approaches them with a methodical, detailed and relentless line of attack. A calm leader who can steady and rally organizations even in adverse circumstances.

A West Point graduate, BS in National Security and Public Affairs, he served his country on active duty for eleven years, completed Airborne and Ranger Schools, achieving the rank of Major. He also holds a MS in Industrial & Labor Relations (Labor Economics, Econometrics and Human Capital) from Cornell University and served as an Associate Professor-Economics at West Point.