Diane Doster

As a healthy living and aging expert for over 25 years, Diane has thrived in the wellness space —- gaining experience in a diverse range of roles that span from exercise physiologist to health club operator, consultant/entrepreneur, national sales and executive leader for a large global company. Rooted by experience in creating wellbeing solutions for all people, her philosophical approach has and remains focused on human potential, resilience and daily lifestyle choice as a pathway for optimizing any situation.

Diane previously founded Wellbeyond, Inc.; a company dedicated to designing and licensing outcome-based, integrated exercise and wellness programs for people navigating health challenges such as cancer, Parkinson’s Disease, MS and osteoporosis. Today Diane is the Chief Relevance Officer and Founder of Project Relevance, a business to business advisory and solutions company focused on innovation and programs for living, aging and dying better.

As a leader of thought and dedicated purveyor of wellness innovation, Diane also serves as an advisory board member for ReFlect/Gray Matters podcast targeting 50-70 year old women. She is an active member of an ageless marketing mastermind group founded by the late David Wolf and is the Global Wellness Institute’s Co-chair on their latest Dying Well Initiative, a top Global trend in well-being.

Currently residing in Phoenix, AZ, Diane enjoys a handful of personal pursuits which include real estate, yoga, gardening and healthy cooking.